Mechanical processing and finishing

Mechanical processing


CNC Lathes

CNC and traditional lathes even fitted with motorized tools.



Traditional 3-axis and 4-axis vertical milling machines.



Internal, external, and flat grinding machines.

Heat, surface treatments and finishing

Thanks to the high level of competence and experience gained by the staff, 3D Metal in addition to providing the finished parts with 3D metal printing can carry out tumbling, sandblasting, painting, and testing operations.


Tumbling are used for removing substrate residues and reducing surface roughness. It is an economical finishing process because large quantities of parts can be machined with little or no operator control.

Sandblasting is a mechanical process by which the most superficial part of a component is eroded by abrasion due to a jet of sand and air. It is made for the surface cleaning of metals. The following are used: corundum, glass microspheres, stainless steel microspheres.


Mechanical and electromechanical assemblies

3D Metal is able to assemble, test mechanical and electromechanical groups and subgroups, including the supply of commercial components.

Acceptance testing

3D Metal carries out geometric and dimensional tests and, on request, material certification and release tests.

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3D Metal Additive Manufacturing

3D Metal S.r.L. is specialized in additive manufacturing processes, in the design and production of precision mechanical parts and assemblies for high-innovative sectors.