Industrial sectors


This is one of the first industrial sectors to have understood the potential of rapid prototyping to reduce project development times. In this sector, the limit is only the imagination of the designer / designer who, according to the infinite possibilities offered by 3D printing, can adapt his way of working by experimenting always using new applications. Our company specializes in the production of mechanical components also for the Motorsport sector.

The applications in the automotive sector are several, i.e. you can reproduce components for the braking system, heat sinks, brake levers, forks, pedals, gears, and any object of interest to the sector.


Bio – medical

3D printing is used to create screws, protheses, surgical instruments and whatever else is necessary.


The use of metal prototyping in the field of industrial machinery allows to satisfy the demands of a constantly evolving market and requires complex components built with resistant and increasingly lighter materials and compatible with food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical needs.


Architecture and Design

Can be made unique and customizable models.


Heat exchanger

The applications of 3D printing in the heat exchanger specific sector, allows the creation of lighter components with the same or even higher properties than traditional technologies.



Aerospace is a market with a great potential for growth, being totally composed of high-tech industries. You can make components for aircraft engines, boxes for electronic systems, supports for optical components.



It is easily possible to design and manufacture inserts for molds with internal Conformed Cooling Channels for aluminum die-casting molds. This technology extends the life of the mold and increases its productivity.

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3D Metal Additive Manufacturing

3D Metal S.r.L. is specialized in additive manufacturing processes, in the design and production of precision mechanical parts and assemblies for high-innovative sectors.