Why choose 3D Metal

Because we can find specific solutions for each customer

  • Our work is not limited to 3D printing. We can optimize your component through re-design, mechanical processing, heat, and surface treatments.
  • We can also create assemblies – mechanical and mechatronic parts according to customer specifications.


Because we are a dynamic and flexible company

Our production cycle is organized 24/7

Because we are a green company

  • Our technology doesn’t produce scraps.
  • La materia prima è utilizzata al 100%
  • Dust sintering doesn’t involve process lubricants: the whole cycle is oil-free
  • The energy consumption is very low: the 400W laser consumes 1/6 of a typical  washing machine
  • The process gas can be nitrogen, which makes up more than 70% of the air we breathe

Because the University of Bologna is our partner

For years we have been collaborating on various projects with a strong innovative character

Why choose 3D MetalBecause we have a low time to market

Our ability to offer a complete production cycle ranging from design to assembly and testing, greatly reduces the final delivery times to the customer.

How to find us

Via XXV Aprile 7
Industrial zone Bargellino
40012 Calderara di Reno (BO)

(+39) 051 4149150

Office hours
Mon – Fri from 08.00 to 17.00

3D Metal Additive Manufacturing

3D Metal S.r.L. is specialized in additive manufacturing processes, in the design and production of precision mechanical parts and assemblies for high-innovative sectors.

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